JVC XA-AW33 Healing Waterproof MP3 Player

JVC has announced a cone shaped MP3 player which floats around the tub. With the waterproof JVC DAP XA-AW33 you can enjoy your favorite music in the bath tub. The vibration of the mono flat speaker made using NXT technology from UK creates ripples in the tub and to add coolness the blue LED on the brim of the player blinks. The JVC waterproof MP3 player comes with 256 MB of internal memory and can play MP3, WMA and WMA (DRM) files. The player comes pre loaded with 3 tunes Jazz music. The control panel inside the top cover allows basic operations-stop/play.

The JVC healing player XA-AW33 connects via USB 1.1 and is powered by 4 x AAA batteries which last for 15 hours of playback. The player measures 12×8.7cm, weighs 260g (no battery) and is available in Japan in limited quantity for 19,800 Yen (170).