MSI MS-5552 Bluetooth MP3 player for 50-Hour of Non-stop Music

The new MSI MS-5552 Bluetooth MP3 player offers a whopping 50 hours of continuous playback time on just ONE AAA battery. Designed to comply with the Bluetooth Class II specifications to offer flexible listening capabilities and freedom and with a smooth, compact design, high-quality aluminum alloy body, the MSI MS-5552 is a statement of its own. The total look and feel is great, making it fun and enjoyable wherever you take it. The MP3 player is built with thoughtful details such as sophisticated touch panels and easy-to-use controls, ergonomically designed to fit naturally in the hands and excellent craftsmanship to ensure continual enjoyment.

The MS-5552 offers customers a user-friendly key arrangement and size that is easy to navigate using one hand. This gives the users the convenience of multi-tasking. Experience the pleasure of unrestricted listening entertainment with the latest Bluetooth MP3 players – the MS-5552 which measures.