Murata announces the Development of the Field-Coupled Wireless Power Transmission System

Murata Japan, has developed a field-coupled type of power transmission system capable of supplying power to devices wirelessly. Use of this system makes it possible for the devices to be charged simply by placing them on the charger without the aid of power cords or other physical connections. The system is highly efficient and features a high level of positional freedom, making it extremely useful and convenient. The latest Murata system has an output of 3W and is targeted at cell phones, mobile music players, digital still cameras, notebook PCs and other mobile devices, lighting fixtures, decorations, housing equipment and other related products can be used with the new system.

By incorporating the Murata chargers into an office desk, the desk will become a “smart” desk capable of charging notebook PCs, cell phones, digital still cameras and other such devices simply by placing them on the desk. By incorporating the system throughout transportation and accommodation facilities, an environment will be created wherein devices can be charged anywhere and without AC adaptors.

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