New Toshiba gigabit U series music players

img1905.jpgThe new gigabeat U series of music players from Toshiba comes in 1GB (U101) and 2GB (U201) capacity. The 1GB-U101 comes in three pleasing colors while 2GB-U201in two colors. The new models from Toshiba are the first of its kind to incorporate 1 bit DAC audio processor. The 1-bit TC94A82XBG DAC Digital audio processor delivers rich quality sound. Other notable feature of Toshiba’s new line of gigabeat U series is the integration of FM receiver/transmitter allowing you record FM broadcasts to MP3, share audio collection with your car audio system or any other DAP equipped with an FM receiver. The USB AC adaptor MEPUAA 10 sold separately takes 10 minutes to fully charge the battery. Fully charged battery lasts for 3 hours of continual music play back.

The 1.1-inch organic EL display sporting a 96×96 resolution can display JPEG images as well as time besides artist name, FM station name etc. The Toshiba gigabit U series music players’ weigh approximately 36 g and will be available from April 7th for ¥13,800 ($118) for the 1GB player and ¥16,800 (about $142) for the 2GB model.