Oki ships world’s smallest MP3 playback chip

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today announced the sample shipments of its MP3 playback chip. The chip, “ML2011,” integrates an MP3 decoder and speaker amplifier in a single chip with wafer level chip size packaging (W-CSP), achieving the world’s smallest package of 3.6 x 4.2mm. Oki plans to manufacture this chip in full scale from December 2006. As the use of digital audio players and mobile phones equipped with music playback functions grows, demands for systems equipped with digital audio functions, such as MP3, has also been increasing. Oki’s ML2011 is compliant with all MP3 formants including MPEG 1 Audio Layer III, MPEG 2 Audio Layer III and MPEG2.5, enabling users to replay a wide range of sounds from fully compressed voice to high-quality music. The 8ohm speaker amplifier has an output of 650mW and is designed to operate on 5V. Naturally, the chip is compliant with the MP3 decoder. It comes in two sizes: the world’s smallest packaging of 3.6mm x 4.2mm W-CSP, or a 5mm x 6mm QFN package for easy mounting.

Oki also offers a reference board, the “ML2011 reference board,” and “SoundLib,” the sample software for use in embedding. While a sound generator replays musical note files by combining pre-installed instrument sounds, the ML2011, because it is compliant with MP3, can replay both voice and vocals with music accompaniment. In addition, compared to speech LSIs, ML2011 provides better sound quality sound effects and can compress the data by 50%.
Via Oki (Japanese)