Onkyo X-T1

The new “X-T1” from Onkyo Corporation Japan is a mini music system that features a CD/MD player, 7.5W x 2ch amp, and FM/AM tuner. The amplifier has a frequency response from 20Hz to 50 kHz/±3dB. The signal to noise ratio is 80dB. The vertically operating shelf can be connected with Onkyo’s “DS-A1” iPod adapter. This allows for operation of the iPod with the X-T1’s remote control, and recharging the iPod. The CD section supports playback of CD-R/RW. It does not support MP3 or WMA. The MD portion supports MDLP, and burns from CD to MD at 4x speed. The”DLA Link” function automatically adjusts the peaks of digital audio recording levels when dubbing from multiple CDs.You can adjust the low/high sounds to 10 different levels with the tone control function and the “S.BASS” function strengthens the low tones.

Besides the R1 output, the system has-one analog audio input, two analog audio outputs, one subwoofer preout and one headphone jack. The external dimensions of the mini system is 298 x 222 x 203mm (W x D x H), and it weighs about 3.7kg. The speakers (1 unit) are 125 x 206 x 221mm (same), and weighs 0.9kg.The “X-T1″from Onkyo will be available from February 17th for approximately 42,800 yen. ($ 350)