Onkyo X-T1DSC Audio system with iPod dock

The new stylish CD audio system “X-T1DSC from Onkyo Corporation comes with a dock for iPod. Besides the basic functions of the iPod such as playback, stop, music skip, volume control etc, the dock can simultaneously charge up the iPod so one does not have to worry about battery life or a separate power source for the iPod.The 2 way speaker system with the latest “aero acoustic drive” gives the perfect sound quality. The technology automatically calculates the room’s surroundings and adjusts the sound for the best performance. The striking design with the very large central dial is a nice touch and the unit also boasts an AM/FM tuner .Amplifier characteristics are:-out put 10W×2ch. playback frequency zone 20Hz~50 kHz. The R1 terminal allows you to connect a MD player.

The deck with external measurements 298×222×204mm (width x depth x height), weighs 3.2kg.The speaker system measures 125×206×221mm (width x depth x height), and weighs 0.9kg (1).The Onkyo X-T1DSC audio system will be available in Japan from August 4th for approximately 40,000 yen(US$350).
Via – Onkyo Japan