Panasonic IC recorder RR-S30 mimics portable cassette player

Panasonic_IC_casetteplayerPanasonic Japan today unveiled IC recorder RR-S30 in portable cassette player type. The display mimics the ‘reel hub’ of tape. The placement of control buttons, the display, size and shape of Panasonic RR-S30 reminds you of the famous cassette players of 80’s. To make it more realistic, when recording is in progress, the reel hub rotates as in the caste player. With 8 GB built in memory, Panasonic IC recorder RR-S30 can record in two recording modes- 96kbps / Mono and long 192kbps / stereo. The player can record 90 hours in the standard and about 180 hours in long time mode.

Panasonic_RR-SR30The player comes with built stereo microphone, an external mic line in and an 28mm diameter built in mono speaker. Other features include-data search function, slow/fast speed play back. IC recorder RR-S30 is powered by a pair of AAA battery. Panasonic IC recorder RR-S30 measures 109.9 × 23.6 × 70.5mmand weighs approximately 106g. With a monthly production of approximately 2500 units, the player will be available in Japan from October 17th for approximately 9,000 yen ($82) in silver color.

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