Panasonic D-snap SD digital audio players SV-SD800N and SV-SD400V

The Panasonic D-snap SD digital audio players SV-SD800N and SV-SD400V audio players come with closed-type inside phones that are shaped to fit into the ears perfectly so that they simultaneously shut out noise and prevent sound leaks. The earphones for the SV-SD800N feature noise cancellers that drastically reduce ambient noise. Users can listen to favorite tunes undisturbed by the noise or enjoy clear sound without turning up the volume while riding a bus, commuting on a train or anywhere on the go. The new D-snap audio players SV-SD800N and SV-SD400V work in tandem with the new D-dock micro stereo systems SC-SX850 and SC-SX450 to offer automatic pick up and fast recharging. By placing the new D-snap audio player in a D-dock stereo port, users can listen to a music sequence from the point of pausing without restarting from the beginning. The docking function also enables quick recharging. A 10-minute recharge can run the players for three hours. When fully charged, the players can continuously play up to 30 hours.The Panasonic SV-SD800N and SV-SD400V audio players support the new SD high capacity (SDHC) specifications. When a 4 GB SDHC card – the largest capacity currently available – is used, up to 66 hours and 29 minutes of music or 999 songs can be stored in the high quality mode (128 kbps).

The new audio players come with a 128 MB SD Memory Card which can hold more than 60 songs in the long-play mode (64 kbps). As the players are compact (35.1 × 86.9 × 10.2 mm), light-weight (38.5 g with the battery) and skip free devoid of moving mechanical parts, they make a perfect companion for joggers.