Panasonic D-Snap SV-SD770V/SD710

SV-SD770V is Panasonic D-Snap’s all new business card-shaped MP3 player with an SD card slot. The SD770V supports MP3, WMA, and SD-Audio (AAC) files. The SD-Audio (AAC) is the format of “MOOCS,” a new electronic music distribution service by Nifty. This service uses Toshiba’s own “MQbic” digital rights management technology. The SD770V also features an internal FM tuner and voice recorder, where both can be recorded in the WAV audio format. Once fully charged the player manages to play audio for nearly 72 hours. When using the external battery case the playback time jumps to 150 hours. The 7 line LCD can display Chinese characters as well. The improved “D.sound engine“ makes compression of music with less quality loss.

Measuring 46.7×87.3×11mm (vertical x side x thickness), the Panasonic D Snap SV-SD770V weighs approximately 53g and is available in different colors.