Pegaso Waterproof bone conduction headphones.

Pegaso Corporation offers EZ-80WP, a set of waterproof bone conduction headphones which can be used even at underwater. Only 500 pieces of headphones will be available in two colors-dark grey and yellow. Rather than going through the eardrum, bone conduction headphones converts sounds into mechanical vibrations going through your skull straight to your auditory nerve and does not damage hearing by playing it too loudly. The head phones can be used in land also. The Pegaso EZ-80WP waterproof bone conduction headphones provide audio output with 30mW (70mW max), 10Ω±20 %( at 1 KHz) and 95dB/mW pressure response.

WP-Gb 1.jpgThe limited edition earphones provide accurate sound and prevent others from hearing what you’re listening to thanks to the bone conduction technology. The phones weigh 60g and will be available from July 15th for 19,800yen ($170).