Pure Siesta iDock – Most affordable DAB bedside radio with iPod/ iPhone dock

Pure Siesta iDock is a stereo DAB/ DAB+/ FM clock radio with iPod and iPhone dock. Track and now playing information is displayed on the Siesta iDock screen and users can control their iPod/ iPhone via the radio. Siesta iDock is compact, but sounds great and includes: A large auto-dimming display; four quick-set alarms; sleep and snooze timers and 15 DAB/FM presets.

Pure Siesta iDock also features the Pure PowerPort which provides power for USB accessories such as mobile phone chargers, reading lights, bedside fans and cup warmers, solving the problem of having insufficient power points next to the bed. Siesta iDock will be available in time for Christmas 2009 for approximately £89.99 ($146).