Sanyo Diply Talk Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders “ICR-S340RM” and “ICR-S270RM “from Sanyo Corporation Japan have built in flash memory of 1GB and 512MB respectively. Stereophonic recording is done in MP3 format up to 71 hours in LP mode, 142 hours in LP – monaural mode with model ICR-S340RM is possible. For additional memory the recorder has a Mini-SD card slot. However Model ICR-S270RM (flash memory 512MB), does not have Mini-SD card slot. Besides built in MIcrophone it also has External stereo microphone for better quality. It can also play MP3 and WMA files making it an MP3 player too.

Other common features are- LCD back light, Electric time stamp function Playback speed adjustment, Index function, Repeat mode etc. The built is USB terminal allows to connect the recorders directly to a PC and can also be used as USB memory storage. While ICR-S340RM weighs approximately 85g , ICR-S270RM weighs approximately 57g.The digital recorders will be available from March 10th with expected price for ICR-S340RM approximately 34,800 Yen and 24,800 Yen for ICR-S270RM.