Sharp MP3 players MP-S200 and MP-S300

The new Sharp MP3 players MP-S200 (512MB) and MP-S300 (1GB) feature a feature a mountain-climbing style carabiner(karabiner) design. The MP3 player comes with FM Tuner and FM Transmitter which can play music even on a car stereo in 85.1~88.9MHz frequency range. The player is available in white, black and red color variations. Other features include-built in microphone, direct sound recording in MP3 format, MP3 8~320kbps (VBR correspondence), WMA 32~192kbps support and USB 2.0. When connected to a PC you can transfer music from the CD player directly with the bundled music CD data transfer software.

The Sharp MP-S200 (512MB) and MP-S300 (1GB) feature a aluminum metal case with a honeycomb structure. The MP-S200 (512MB) and MP-S300 (1GB) players measure 33×83.7×18.3mm, weighs approximately 43g (battery included). The Sharp MP3 player MP-S700 costs approximately 15,000 Yen ($130), while MP-S800 approximately 20,000 Yen ($174).
Via Sharp (Japanese)