Silicon case for iPod and iPod nano from Elecom Corporation.

01La.jpgThe Elecom Corporation AVD-SCA5G and AVD-SCRA5G3CRG series Silicone Case are for fifth generation black model iPod with 30 GB and 50 GB capacity with cord retraction function on the rear of the case. For iPod nano you have “AVD-SCRANN series” in 4 different colors to suit your iPod nano with cord retraction function on the rear of the case. The silicon case are made from high quality silicon material. The Elecom Silicone Cases are precision molded from impact absorbent Silicone to provide a thin yet durable protective skin for your iPod and iPod nano.The silicon case easily fits inside your pocket and protects from impacts, scratches, dust and dirt. You can access all ports, and controls inside the case and view your device screen inside the case. Dock connection is also possible.

Model AVD-SCA5G3BK for 30GB model measures 64× 13×105mm, weighs 18g and model AVD-SCA5G6BK for 60 GB model measures 64× 16×105mm and weighs 20g. The silicon case each is available for approximately 3,150 yen ($27) from mid July.The AVD-SCRANN series for iPod nano measures 42x16x92mm, weighs 19g and is available for approximately 2,250 yen($20) from mid July.