Sonic Impact Technologies portable active speaker i-F2

The Marubeni information TEXcorporation sells the Sonic Impact Technologies portable active speaker “i-F2” in Japan. The included universal adapter’s custom fit any generation iPod with docking capacity. Non-docking iPod, as well as most other mp3 players, can be connected with the stereo connector. i-F2 is designed to hi-fidelity standards utilizing aluminum cone neodymium drivers for clarity, ported speaker housings and advanced Maxxbass technology for an enhanced bass response while minimizing distortion. A layer of fluid has been added to the back of the iF2 drivers to keep them cooler and thus more efficient.Active speaker i-F2 is powered by a premium three phase lithium ion rechargeable battery(2,000mAh) with auto standby power mode when idle and convenient battery charge display .Average battery life is a remarkable 15 hours. The speakers can also be powered using the included AC adapter. Housed in a specifically engineered hard case, it not only protects the speakers and your iPod while traveling, it also serves a speaker cabinet. Inside the case you will find a convenient pop open door that will serve as storage for any size iPod and a second storage compartment that houses the lithium ion battery and room to store your earbuds.

Conveniently stored remote control allows you to turn your iF2 and iPod on/off and to control volume and advance tunes up to 15 feet away. Active speaker i-F2 measures 225×170x65mm and weighs 1.2kg. Sonic Impact Technologies portable active speaker i-F2 will be available in Japan by early 2007 for approximately 39,800 Yen ($337).
Via m-infotec (Japanese)