Sony Launches Salt-water Proof WS413 / WS414 wearable Walkman

The WS413 / WS414 (WS414 4GB and WS413 offers 8GB capacity) wearable Walkman from Sony is now salt-water proof and dust proof, so you can listen to your favourite songs whilst enjoying water sports such as kayaking or swimming. The sleek design of Sony WS413 / WS414 wearable Walkman eliminates drag interference so you are not restricted in any way. This has been enabled by the addition of an internal terminal which resists any accumulation of foreign particles and is highly corrosion-resist.

SW410_wlakman_colorsA rustproof coating on the surface of the front case ensures that your Walkman is protected both inside and out. The WS413 / WS414 comes equipped with both everyday earbuds, and specially designed waterproof earbuds that are covered with a thin film to form a barrier against water getting through without compromising comfort. The Sony WS413 / WS414 Walkman will be available by March 2016 priced at approximately €120 (WS413) and €110 (WS414).

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