Sony DCC-FMT50U Car FM Stereo Transmitter

Listen to the music you want to hear on your portable audio device through the FM radio of your car stereo with the Sony DCC-FMT50U. This Sony Car FM Stereo Transmitter DCC-FMT50U is the perfect road companion offering full-range frequency selection from 88.1-107.9 MHz and four direct memory buttons for easy access to your most-used stations. This FM stereo transmitter also features a bright, digital display for easy viewing. Due to the flexible transmitting antenna with a magnetic end attachment, it is possible to transmit a stable FM radio wave in virtually any car.

DCCFMT50U.jpgThe magnetic antenna attaches directly to the car for better reception. With USB charging DCCFMT50U allows you to easily charge the following Sony models: NW-A1200 series, NW-E500 series, NW-E300 series and NW-E000 series. Sony Car FM Stereo TransmitterDCC-FMT50U is available from October 19th for approximately 6195 Yen ($51).
Via Sony (Japanese)