Sony Wearable Walkman- NWD-W202

sony_walkman.jpgSony’s new Walkman series of Walkman W -NWD-W202 is an integrated audio player with ear-canal phones with a flexible neck band. Sony Wearable Walkman NWD-W202 with display comes with a new search function Zappin. The Walkman with 2GB memory plays ATRAC/MP3/WMA/AAC / Linear PCM (WAV) files. The player is best suitable for joggers though care must be taken as it is not waterproof.
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Available in four colors- black / white / pink / lime green, the Sony Wearable Walkman- NWD-W202 weighs 35g. Charging is via USB and takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. You can play MP3/128kbps continuously for 12 hours. The player will be available in Japan from mid June.