STMicroelectronics Extends Sound Terminal Advantage for Miniaturized High-Quality Audio Equipment

STMicroelectronics, has unveiled an audio processing chip that connects directly to the latest miniature microphones and provides a new way of boosting performance from small, low-cost, or even damaged speakers. The new device, the STA321MP, joins ST’s SoundTerminal audio IC family, and features a built-in interface for a MEMS digital microphone as well as a standard microphone input. With tiny dimensions and low sensitivity to noise from LCDs and power components, MEMS microphones are ideal for multi-function products such as smartphones. The STA321MP permits direct connection of a MEMS microphone, saving parts count and cost.

In addition, the STA321MP has a second MEMS input that can be connected to a tiny sensor for detecting speaker movements. This allows designers to apply active-sound shaping using ST patented techniques to optimize speaker performance. The STA321MP will allow customers to deliver market-leading miniaturized audio products offering outstanding sound quality.