Synnex iP88- Dual Dock Clock Radio and Audio System for iPhone and iPod

The Synnex iP88 is an innovative clock radio for iPhone & iPod that features two docks allowing you to charge both your iPhone and iPod simultaneously. The iP88 has several unique features, including a remote control, digital AM/FM presets, EQ controls, and even 3D sound for an enhanced audio experience. The iP88 also allows you to wake to your custom iPod playlist at different times on different days with 7-5-2 feature, programmable snooze settings, and triple alarm.

You’ll also enjoy phenomenal sound around the clock with Reson8 stereo speaker chambers. Power is supplied from the supplied AC adapter. Synnex iP88 dual dock measures 230 × 90 × 108mm and weigh 2kg. The dock is available in Japan for approximately 17,800 yen ($195).