Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou selects Transcend digital media players as gifts on his first state visit to Latin America

Transcend announced that its T.sonic 820 digital media players were selected to be given as gifts on President Ma Ying-Jeou`s first official state visit to Latin America. Taiwan is globally known for its prospering IT industry, therefore the Taiwan Foreign Ministry deliberately chose Transcends digital media player as a representation of Taiwan’s excellent high-tech products to be presented to government officials in Latin America.

T8204G.jpgWith 1.5-inch SuperColor OLED screen. the T.sonic 820 is an advanced MP3 player designed to play music, photos and video. In addition, the T.sonic 820 player has a FM Radio and Advanced Digital Recording features including, recording using its Built-in Microphone, an External Microphone, or Line-In device. It can also be used to read E-books and store your computer files. T.sonic 820 is available in two high capacity colorful models, 2GB (White) and 4GB (Black).