TDK launches World’s smallest MEMS microphones with a digital interface

The EPCOS T4030 from TDK is the smallest commercially available MEMS microphone worldwide with an integrated digital interface. The T4030 has a sensitivity of -26 dB FS (full scale), and a signal-to-noise ratio of 60 dBA. Even at a sound level of 100 dB, the distortion factor is under 1 percent. Its frequency response is characterized by high bandwidth and low amplitude fluctuations. The T4030 is largely insensitive to electromagnetic interference thanks to a digital PDM (pulse density modulation) output. The suppression of the power supply noise is -82 dB FS. Two channels can also be transmitted via one signal line, making stereo applications much simpler to implement than in analog technology.

The EPCOS T4030 measures 3.25 × 2.25 × 1.1 mm and is about 60 percent smaller than alternative products. This allows significantly more compact designs of mobile phones and consumer electronics applications such as MP3 players and digital cameras. Thanks to its compact dimensions and outstanding electrical properties, the microphone is also predestined for applications with high requirements on audio quality. This also includes high-quality video and VoIP (Voice over IP) systems, telephone conference installations, beam-forming and noise-suppression systems.