Thanko comfortable de phone EX headphones

The reasonably priced Thanko headphones comfortable de phone EX with Noise Cancellation significantly reduces background and environment noise that occurs when you’re on the road. With thanko noise cancelling headphones you can concentrate on your music – and not the other sounds around you. With volume adjustment, the headphone works on a single easily available AAA cell. It’s easy to store the Thanko headphones when you’re on the move. Simply fold the headphone, and you have a compact and lightweight package that travels anywhere easily. The headphones can be used with any type of MP3 player just by connecting to the 3.5mm head phone terminal.

You are assured of approximately 20 hours of play back with noise cancellation function turned on. The headphones can be used as an ordinary set without the battery. Cushioned ear pads are ergonomically designed to fit your ears perfectly, for comfortable listening during long road trips. Designed to drown out noise, you can now enjoy an unparalleled listening experience with this high-performance headphone set from Thanko available for approximately 3,980 Yen ($32).