Thanko spy-watch Slim 720p DVR can be used as a digital camera, voice recorder, MP3 player and above all shots 720p HD video!

The new spy-watch Slim 720p DVR from Thanko can capture video footages in 720p HD video quality. The spy camera is placed on number 12 place. With 4GB built in memory, you can capture 50 minutes of video at 720P.Besides video; you can shot JPG images and also use the watch as an MP3 player also. The watch is compatible with MP3 • WMA • APE music format. Of course you can use this innovative product as a watch also.

Thanks to a 3.5mm audio jack where you can plug your headphones to enjoy music. Besides it can be used as a voice recorder also via the built in microphone attached to the crown of the watch. All music, voice and video files are stored in one folder. The built in Lithium-polymer battery is charged via the supplied USB cable. Thanko spy-watch Slim 720p DVR weighs 302g and comes with one year warranty for approximately ¥7,980 ($104) in Japan.

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