Toshiba Announces Compact CD Radio Player for Japanese Elementary and Junior High School Students

Toshiba today announced two CD radio models for elementary and junior high school students of Japan. Horizontal model TY-C160 comes in white, pink, and blue color while vertical model TY-C260 in white and black. In Japan CD learning materials are mainly used for language learning, and more than half of compulsory elementary and junior high school students use CD playback equipment.

With improved language learning and music listening functions, both the players in addition to the functions such as “AB repeat” that allows you to repeatedly play the phrase students are interested in, Resume playback and the +10 skip function allows students to skip all 10 audio tracks at a time. Added feature is Bass function. The favorite channel selection, allows you to store favorite radio stations.

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You can store 10 FM and 5 Am stations via the digital tuner. You can select the stations you listen to frequently with one touch. The radio reception frequency is 531kHz to 1,710kHz for AM and 76.0MHz to 108.0MHz for FM (wide FM support). For clear sound, the models come with two 5cm cone type speakers. Maximum output for each channel is 1.5 W + 1.5 W.

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Toshiba models TY-C160 and TY-C260 are powered by supplied AC adapter or 6 x AA batteries Power consumption is 10W. The maximum duration when using batteries is about 3 hours for CD playback and about 14 hours for radio reception. Model TY-C160 measures 230 x 213 x 92 mm (width x depth x height)  and weighs approximately 1.1 kg and TY-C260 measures  272 x 62 x 146 mm and weigh approx. 1.2 kg. Both models are available in Japan for approximately 5,700 yen ($54) each.