Toshiba gigabeat V41

The latest Toshiba PMP gigabeat V41 with 4 GB internal memory, 3.5 QVGA TFT LCD and SD/SDHC card slot (8GB Max) is available in three pleasing colors. Direct video recording from 1Seg TV tuner on SDHC card is possible in addition to the built in memory. Video recorded on the built in memory can be transferred to the SD/SDHC card also. The Toshiba gigabeat V41 is compatible with MP3, WMA, WMA 9 and WMV video files.

Other features include built in monaural speaker, external antenna terminal (3.5mm mini- jack) and private stand to view as a TV. The Toshiba gigabeat V41 measures 11.5×75×14.2mm weigh 168g and will be available from October 19th for approximately 29,800 Yen ($257).