View gate VMP-300 motor bike speakers

bike_speaker_C.jpgDon’t be fooled by the small looks of these robust speakers with a 25W out put. The stereo speakers with built in 15 W amplifier is powered by 12 V DC. They sound great even when you are riding bike in windy condition also. They can be installed in most of motor bikes as it is powered by 12V DC. Just connect your ipod/iPhone or MP3 player with a standard stereo connector and you are ready for the ride.The speakers can be used as desk top speakers for your PC, or in show room etc.

The out put is crystal clear and so can be used with Skype also. If water resistant cables, connectors etc are used you can enjoy the ride during rain also. View gate VMP-300 speakers’ come with pre attachment kit for bikes and measure 81×90×101(mm). The speakers are available for approximately 9,800 yen ($98).