Waterproof speakers for portable players from Twin Bird Corp

twin5.jpgThe Twin Bird Industrial Corporation speaker” XZABADY” is a portable audio player of waterproof structure (AV-J122) with built in FM tuner. You can use different type of portable player’s like- digital memory player, HDD player, MD player, mobile phone with music play back function etc (players with dimensions 105× height 105× depth 20mm.).By using reflective type speakers stereo play back is possible. The silicon rubber front panel makes possible to operate the enclosed player even with wet hands. The frame is IPX7 complaint and hence don’t worry if you drop in the bath tub. Measuring 175×77×175mm (width x depth x height), the frame weighs 600g .The frame can be customized by using favorite picture as back ground. The frame can be hanged to the wall, glass window etc with the suction cups.

The portable audio player XZABADY of waterproof structure (AV-J122)” will be available from June 20th for approximately 5,000 yen ($45).