Weezy Bluetooth music receiver from Italy gives new life to your stereo systems

The world-renowned Italian industrial design finally debuts in high tech Weezy – the new Bluetooth music receiver mirrors the soul of Italians, lifestyle gurus who love music and are fond of items blending style and usefulness. Weezy designed by Samuele Montofano and manufactured in Italy gives new life to your stereo systems, allowing them to reproduce the playlist of your smartphone or notebook through Bluetooth connectivity. Now you can relax with your mobile playlist, playing it wirelessly on stereo, free from headphones, plugs and docking stations. Weezy is compatible with A2DP Bluetooth Stereo devices and keeps in memory up to 9 paired devices.

Weezy is made to be shown and enjoyed. Its vintage profile, permeated by an ultramodern essence, fits perfectly both young, colorful homes and sophisticated Zen environments. Weezy available in four bright colors, measures 85x85x50 mm and weighs 50g only. It comes with 2 years warranty and at present is available in Europe only for approximately $91.