Xiaomi Launches Mi Internet Speaker 2

Xiaomi today announced the launch of a new member to its speaker family — Mi Internet Speaker 2. The speaker comes in white color only. Mi Internet Speaker 2 features rectangular aluminum alloy, measures 154.5 × 60 × 25.5 mm and weigh 155 grams. Mi Internet Speaker 2 supports Bluetooth 4.2 that works up to 10 meters away. Mi Internet Speaker 2 is compact and lightweight and can be carried around and allows one-handed grip.

The built in AUX port allows to connect the speaker directly to computers, Mp3 players etc, without Bluetooth. The Xiaomi Mi Internet Speaker 2 has two buttons on top. One is power switch and the other volume control. User can freely control the speaker via the smartphone app.
Mi Internet Speaker 2 promises a loud and qualitative sound reproduction. It packs two speakers of 2.5W each- sufficient for a small room and passive radiator.
The speaker comes with a call function also. An embedded CVC noise reduction technology allows to transmit speech several meters away so there is no need to stay too close to the speaker while attending a call. The built in 1200 mAh lithium-polymer battery lasts for approximately 10 hours (40% of volume).

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