ZMP’s Japanese music robot Miuro

The new Japanese music robot ZMP’s Miuro is a 14-inch wide, egg-shaped device that can either play tunes from your docked ‘Pod or wirelessly from a PC through its Kenwood-built speakers. The speaker section with double wall shell construction prevents vibrations, resonance sound and noise to deliver rich, pure sound. Miuro is available in white, black, yellow, or red. The liquid crystal display in the centre can display music track, time, artist’s name, net radio connection etc. When the remote communication package is installed (sold separately), the robot can mail pictures via the built in camera.

The built in lithium ion battery lasts for approximately 3 – 4 hours (continual drive).The Miuro measures 22×35cm (diameter × width) and weighs 5kg. ZMP’s Miuro is available for approximately 108,800 Yen ($ 925) from December 2006.
Via ZMP (Japanese)