LG to unveil its first advanced OLED rear lamps at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

LG will introduce its advanced auto component technologies at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show (September 14-24), highlighted by the company’s first advanced OLED rear lamps to be featured in vehicles from a major European automaker. LG will also highlight connected car solutions for autonomous driving concept cars. LG’s OLED rear lamp is more compact than conventional lighting modules thanks to the lack of a backlight unit, up to 85 to 90 percent smaller than typical rear lamps.

LG’s OLED lamp also runs cooler which results in improved durability and longevity compared to conventional rear units. In addition to its new OLED rear ramp, LG plans to showcase other innovative products such as AV navigation systems, infotainment systems and convenience-enhancing devices such as ADAS cameras, LCD instrument panels and electric compressors, among others.

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