Fujitsu and NIMS Develop World’s Largest-Scale Magnetic-Reversal Simulator

Fujitsu and NIMS Develop World's Largest-Scale Magnetic-Reversal SimulatorFujitsu in joint research with the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and Fujitsu Laboratories have developed the world’s largest magnetic-reversal simulator, using a mesh covering more than 300 million micro-regions. Based on the large-scale magnetic-reversal simulation technology first developed in 2013, this new development offers a faster calculation algorithm and more efficient massive parallel processing. The simulations are run on the K computer.

Fujitsu_NIMS_World's Largest-Scale Magnetic-Reversal SimulatorBy utilizing this technology, Fujitsu conducted large-scale simulations to clarify the correlation between the fine structure of neodymium magnets, a type of permanent magnet, and magnetic strength, by examining the process of magnetic reversal in neodymium magnets. The results successfully demonstrated a way to develop high-strength neodymium magnets with more than twice the coercivity of previous magnets, without dysprosium. In conventional neodymium magnets, dysprosium alloying is indispensable for enhancing magnetic coercivity. These simulation techniques offer a clear design rule for high-performance neodymium magnets that do not rely on dysprosium.

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