8 Advanced Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks with more than 800 million active monthly users. it’s expected to reach 1 billion over the next couple of years adding users much faster than Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. There are lots of ways to grow your Instagram following but this post takes a look at some of the more unconventional, advanced ways to get the job done.

1. Automate Part of Your Account
As long as you are using the service to save yourself time, rather than completely avoiding actively using Instagram, an Instagram growth service can help you speed up your success on the network. By automating tasks such as following accounts and liking posts, you can save time which you can then put back into crafting quality content to post on the network.

2. Pay Attention to the Banned Hashtags List
Instagram actively sensors and blocks a large list of hashtags. The band list of hashtags is growing all the time. sometimes, even innocent-looking hashtags such as #singlelife or #petite can be banned because pornographic or other images that violate the terms of service have made their way into the hashtag streams.

Your Instagram engagement rates could be dropping because of using banned hashtags by accident. The easiest way to find a banned hashtag is to search for it on Instagram and check whether it’s shown in the top and recent categories. If the hashtag has been temporarily blocked or suspended, Instagram only show a few top posts and get rid of all of the recent ones.

3. Use Location Stickers to Increase Local Exposure
Location stickers are designed to make it easy for users to find out what’s going on in their chosen location. It can help you gain exposure for your brand and is quite popular for those in travel or hospitality niches. If you want to increase the potential reach of your Instagram story, or you are targeting people in specific locations, add location tags to your stories. This ensures it will be seen by anyone who’s searching for your location or by people who are already in the area.

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4. Use Instagram Pods
Instagram pods are designed to help beat the Instagram algorithm. Groups of bloggers, businesses and otherwise passionate Instagram users that have similar audiences create private groups of 10 to 15 users known as pods. Instagram pods are meant to increase engagement and get new followers by increasing exposure to the right audience.

Once a pod member publishes a new post, he or she shares it with the group via a direct message and asks all the other members to comment on it and like it. The genuine comments provide more weight to the post and help it generate more engagement with the Instagram algorithm. By working together, everyone who participates in the pod wins. If you cannot find a pod to join, you can start your own. It’s a good idea to participate in multiple related pods as they are kept small on purpose.

5. Use Hashtags to Get Featured on Collective Accounts
This one will involve a bit of hashtag research, but can be quite helpful and increasing you reach and brand exposure. Using branded hashtags to get featured on curated accounts can help dramatically grow your following.

For the greatest chance of expects s, your best bet is to find smaller, active, and relevant communities to feature your photos. Be sure to submit your work only, so you are not potentially featuring someone else’s work on a curated account and sending the followers to them instead.

6. Tag Influential Accounts
Take time to locate influencers in your niche as well as other relevant accounts. When you post relevant photos, tag those influencers and accounts. This tactic isn’t about notifying them that you featured them or trying to get their attention on your photo but more about increasing the chances that people who follow those accounts will see your photo and explore your feed. It’s designed to make Instagram’s algorithm more likely to dim your photos as relevant to the audience’s interests.

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7. Make Use of User-Generated Content
Once you have grown enough to get content from fans and followers, start using it and your social media efforts. This kind of content is genuine and related to your brand and offers a visual testimonial for your business.

Plus, reposting that user-generated content shows your customers you care and encourages other fans and followers Suppose their own content that features your brand in hopes of getting their own shout out from you. Ultimately, it helped spread your Brands to other people within your target market and helps you grow your follower count.

8. Experiment with Less Popular Hashtags
While it’s tempting to include the most popular hashtags in your image descriptions, the truth is these simple one-word hashtags won’t do much for your growth in the long run. Instead, you should focus on using community-oriented and specific hashtags to drive engagement and help you build your brand. Search for a term and use hashtags that are lower and search volume. If you have a relatively small account, aim for hashtags that have less than 50,000 in search volume.

Though these have lower search volumes, you have a greater chance of your content actually being seen since there are fewer accounts overall making use of these hashtags. Using the most popular hashtags increases the chance that your content will get lost in a sea of posts because everyone is trying to capitalize on those hashtags.

Though it’s awesome to watch your social media follower counts grow every day, what’s really important is driving the traffic you generate on social media to your sales channel so you can convert those followers into customers and build brand loyalty.