A machine called SFD system turns used adult diapers into fuel pellets in Japan

fuel_pellets.jpgDetermining that the bulk of diapers disposed of by hospitals and nursing homes were being sent to incineration plants, Super Faiths Inc. of Tokyo developed a machine to turn used diapers into solid fuel. The device, called the SFD system, is capable of crushing, drying and sterilizing used diapers and converting them into bacteria-free pellets. The process takes one day. According to Super Faiths, the pellets serve as an excellent fuel for biomass boilers and stoves. Another company, Total Care System Co. of Fukuoka, has established a way of dissolving diapers in a special solution and turning them into pulp and plastic for use as a construction material and as solid fuel.

Total Care System has built a dedicated disposal plant in Omuta, Fukuoka Prefecture, and has been processing about 14 tons of used diapers daily. The diapers are collected from hospitals and welfare facilities in Kagoshima Prefecture. Total Care System is now collecting used diapers from households on a trial basis in cooperation with a number of local governments, such as the town of Oki, Fukuoka Prefecture.