Actel and LYYN AB bring clarity to Visibility Enhancement Technology

Actel today announced that LYYN AB, a Swedish company specializing in video enhancement, has developed a hardware and software video processing platform enabled by the Actel ProASIC3 family of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The solution “cleans” video footage to provide better visibility in the presence of such things as snow, fog, underwater silt and darkness. LYYN’s products are targeted for use in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and aircrafts (UAVs) as well as portable devices, such as underwater cameras and advanced surveillance systems.

LYYN’s Visibility Enhancement Technology (VET) leverages a patent-pending algorithm, which is safely stored on an Actel ProASIC3 FPGA using inherently secure flash memory and 128-bit AES decryption. LYYN offers the T38, a stand-alone visibility enhancement technology unit for analog video, for $5,195.