Adlink announces PCIe-CML64F series of high performance PCI Express frame grabbers

Adlink PCIe-CML64FB/FP is a Camera Link frame grabber based on the PCI Express x4 interface that supports one base/medium/full configuration Camera Link color and/or monochrome cameras. It delivers all the advantages of the PCI Express bus while acquiring at the maximum Camera Link rate of 680 MB/s across the x4 lane, and can handle most of the frame and line scan cameras including the complete image reconstruction from outputs using multiple taps.
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The Adlink PCIe-CML64FB/FP utilizes FPGA based (Filed Programmable Gate Array) design for greater image acquisition flexibility, high performance, and improved pre-processing functionality (PCIe-CML64FP). The Adlink PCIe-CML64FB/FP has been built within Up/down counter technology to control and correct image acquisition process from the external encoder input.
ADLINK Technology Inc, a leading provider of reliable measurement and automation products, announced the release of the PCIe-CML64F series of high performance PCI Express® frame grabbers that provide one base/medium/full configuration Camera Link® interface. The PCIe-CML64F series fully utilizes PCI Express® technology to deliver unprecedented image acquisition rates of up to 85 MHz and is designed specifically for high-bandwidth machine vision applications, such as FPD, and PCB surface inspection. The PCIe-CML64F series strikes a perfect balance between functionality and cost with its high-speed and high-performance design.
The PCIe-CML64F series delivers all the high bandwidth advantages of the PCI Express® bus while acquiring at the maximum Camera Link rate of 680 MB/s across an x4 lane. The PCIe-CML64F series supports the majority of area scan and line scan cameras and can perform image reconstruction during the image acquisition process.
“The PCIe-CML64F is ideal for industrial machine vision and biomedical imaging applications, such as FPD and PCB surface inspection. This frame grabber can also be used to perform defect analysis by setting up a line trigger to precisely record high-speed images, and edge inspection by measuring cracks near the edges and corners of the surface,” said Ethan Huang, Senior Director of the Measurement and Automation Product Segment at ADLINK.
The PCIe-CML64F series supports both Microsoft® Windows® XP and Microsoft® Windows® XP 64-bit. ADLINK also provides CamCreator®, a simple yet powerful utility to setup, configure, test, and debug the system without requiring any software programming.