Adlink DPAC-1000 an intelligent remote data acquisition controller

Adlink DPAC-1000 is designed specifically for remote data acquisition systems with standard serial communication ports (RS-232 or RS-485). ADLINK’s series of DPACs offer a distributed control solution for digital and analog I/O and motion control, while enabling a 15 to 20 percent cabling reduction compared to other Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solutions on the market today. The Adlink DPAC-1000 provides an intelligent remote data acquisition controller which can collect data from both digital sensors such as discrete I/O modules, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors, and analog I/O modules up to 4000 feet away.

The Adlink DPAC is specifically designed for use in a wide variety of factory applications such as water monitoring, UPS monitoring in a fabrication facility, and boiler leakage detection.