Aeon Launches Disney Character Shopping Bags Made from Recycled Materials in Japan

Aeon today announced the launch of Disney characters shopping bag made from recycled materials in Japan. The bags are made from stretching film used for products during transportation and prevent breakage while storing in warehouses. The bag priced at 55 yen (50 cents), is available in convenience store MINISTOP, Aeon, My Basket etc in Japan. The raw material film is used by Aeon to wrap its products to prevent damage during transportation to distribution centres.

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The wrapping of film prevents load collapse due to stacking when stored in a distribution warehouse. Most of the film is disposed of after use until now, but since it is a resource that is suitable for recycling with little dirt and impurities, about 3 tons of used film is used by Aeon to make this eco-friendly bag. About 50% is recycled as plastic resin pets.

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Aeon Disney characters shopping bag made from recycled materials measures 270 x 400 x 180 mm. The reusable bags are available in two different designs at more than 5,000 stores throughout Japan.