AGC FluonETFE Film used for the exterior of the 40,000-seat natural turf stadium in Sochi

Natural Turf Stadium in SochiAsahi Glass (AGC) announced today that its fluoropolymer product, FluonETFE Film, has been used for the exterior of the 40,000-seat natural turf stadium in Sochi, Russia. Natural Turf Stadium in Sochi is designed based on the icy peak of the Fisht Mountain. To depict the curvilinear shape with a smooth surface, approximately 78,000 square meters of AGC’s 0.1 mm to 0.25 mm-thick Fluon ETFE Film is used for the roof and façade of the stadium. The light and flexible fluoropolymer film not only protects the spectators from wind and snow, but also its transparency allows them to enjoy a view of the Krasnaya Polyana mountain range from inside the stadium.

Krasnaya Polyana mountain range_russia
The film’s excellent light transmission creates ideal conditions to cultivate the natural turf, and amplifies the effect of nighttime illumination. In addition, its durability and soil-resistance enables long-term use and easy-maintenance of the stadium.Fluon ETFE Film has been attracting attention as a high-performance building material and is already used in world class sporting and exposition venues, including Munich’s Allianz Stadium and Brazil’s Itaipava Arena Pernambuco.

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