Aiterrarium Remote-control gardening via internet by Matsushita Electric Works Ltd

Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. announced the sale of an indoor gardening system called Aiterrarium. Controlled via a Matsushita server over the Internet, the lighting, temperature and water supply of the indoor garden can be remotely monitored and controlled. The gardening system mainly consists of a 50 centimeters wide and 1.2 meters tall growing chamber. The chamber is fitted with gadgets like sensors, 190 watts of fluorescent lighting on the walls and ceiling etc.The sensors monitor 15 different growing conditions which are very essential for the healthy growth of indoor plants like soil temperature and moisture level etc.

www2.jpgWhen a heater and automatic watering system are installed, users can use the Matsushita server over the Internet to set ideal temperatures and watering at the right time. A webcam allows users to monitor growing conditions from anywhere in the world via cell phone or computer. The Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd standard Aiterrarium system will cost approximately 360,000 yen (US$3,000) plus monthly server fees, while the fully-optioned model will run 600,000 yen (US$5,000).
Via FujiSankei ( Japanese)