Asahi Glass light control pair glass installed in gauge changeable new test train

Asahi Glass announced that its lightweight light control pair glass has been installed in a gauge changeable new test train of Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency, which made a test run on JR Kyushu’s train line on April 20. The window glass mounted in the test train is a pair glass combining a thin, strong chemically strengthened glass and light control glass WONDERLITE.

gauge_changable_trainWONDERLITE contributes to weight reduction of windows and train comfort through the following features:-Using WONDERLITE, customers can adjust the transmissivity of outside light to suit their preferences. Light control function eliminates the need for curtains and enhances interior comfort with high heat shielding/thermal insulating glass. By leveraging the diversity of its materials and technologies, the AGC Group will continue to develop and offer high value-added products that support the safety and comfort of transport equipment.

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