Asus Z801 clamshell mobile phone with an innovative and stylish design

news011.jpgThe new Asus Z801 clamshell mobile phone currently only available in Taiwan illustrates how style and functionality can combine together in perfect harmony. Embracing modern fashion trends, the Z801’s stylized outlook gives the consumer an affordable yet stylish addition to other luxury items like watches and jewelry. ASUS has designed the Z801 with style in mind. The Z801 looks both sophisticated and stylish with sleek, clean lines that dominate its façade. Recessed buttons on the side of the phone and a checker-board styled keypad accentuates the classy image of the mobile phone and creates a unique identity like no other. The strong stainless steel chassis frames the genuine leather insert on the front of the Z801 and adds a rich feel that promotes the phone’s aesthetic beauty.
news011920.jpgSapphire crystal usually reserved for deluxe items is used for the secondary screen.The Z801 aims to please even more with an integrated 2 megapixel camera that provides 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution. Combine this with the large QVGA screen (240×320), and picture taking and filming videos becomes a breeze. The Z801 also provides the user further entertainment options with its ability to play multiple audio and video formats like MP3, AAC and MPEG4. The in-built 64MB of memory is easily expanded via a micro SD memory card – making more storage options for videos and pictures.

news0119.jpgWireless stereo headphones connected via Bluetooth A2DP technology work together with the large screen to add even more entertainment with the karaoke function. The Z801 not only allows you sing along, you can speak the words to a tune being played and the phone will record the words and convert them to text for subsequent use – creating a whole new karaoke track.