Automatic Eye Massager

This eye massager from Japan massages and stimulates the important points around eyes; Relieves eyestrain, relaxes nerves and improves microcirculation for healthy eyes. This massager cures irritation caused by dust particles or display, prevents computer syndrome and removes baggy eyes and black eyes.The massager produces a gasification barometric pressure massage eye flesh, warms up your eyes and gently protects your eyes. The vibration mode makes your tired eyes fresh immediately. The automatic mode relaxes your eyes using different types of vibrations for both the eyes.

The eye massager measures 19× 6× 2cm and weighs 500g.The massager is available in Japan for approximately 6,980 Yen($58).
Via –akiba

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  1. Gizmodo

    Japanese Eye Massager Does Everything But Gouge

    OK, let’s play a game here. Which of the following phrases is not a claim made by this Japanese Automatic Eye Massager? No cheating! A) Prevents computer syndrome. B) Produces a gasification barometric pressure massage eye flesh. C) Removes baggy…

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