Avago HSMx-A46x series LED

avago.jpgAvago Technologies today announced a new line of high brightness red, amber, and orange HSMx-A46x series LEDs for use in interior and exterior automotive and electronic signs and signals applications. These competitively priced top-mounted lensed LEDs provide high reliability, a narrow 50-degree viewing angle and a matched radiation pattern. Avago’s HSMx-A46x series of LEDs are ideal for use in instrument panel backlighting, dome lighting, turn signals and center height mounted stoplights (CHMSL) in automobiles, as well as interior/exterior variable message signs. The HSMx-A46x series of LEDs can also be used for push button and signal lighting in industrial applications.

Avago’s HSMx-A46x LEDs are priced at $0.16 each in 10,000 piece quantities, and are supplied in 8 mm carrier tape on 7-inch reels.