Balmuda Japan Highwire LED desk lamp

Balmuda Limited Japan has launched 2 new models of Highwire LED desk lamp. Both the desk lamps- Highwire 900 LHW-0901S-BK and Highwire 1100 LHW-1101S-BK uses 4 LED lamps. Generally 300 – 700lx brightness is needed for a desk, the new Highwire LED desk lamps gives a comfortable 1000lx equivalent brightness with color temperature above 5,500K. Unlike standard incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, this LED lamps won’t burn out for 50,000 hours! Modulated light function decreases light intensity to 50%.

blmdb.jpgWith power consumption of 10.8W, the Highwire 900 LED lamp measures 585×352×483mm, while Highwire 1100 measures 610×414×553. Both LED lamps in black finish will be available from December 7th for approximately 59,850 Yen ($515) and 66,150 Yen ($570). Highwire 900 Special Edition LHW-0901S-SPW in white paint will be available from December 14th for approximately 72,450 Yen ($625).
Via – Balmuda (Japanese)