Bang & Olufsen Beo5 remote control

The new remote control Beo5 remote from Bang & Olufsen is a fully-flexible and personalized remote that can handle operation of any product combination, even products with features and functions that we do not know yet.
Bang & Olufsen Beo5 remote has a new LCD colour display with a programmable touch-sensitive screen of chemically hardened front glass. This lets you activate functions that are relevant for your particular product combination by pressing directly on the screen. There are 12 of these so-called dynamic buttons that can be named or moved around as the customer pleases.

When you leave the Beo5 rechargeable remote control on the table, its form calls for your attention; it stands out and stands up, and you always know where it is. The unusual visual expression of Beo5 is a contradiction in forms – the circle and the square. The circular aluminium ball, with its tactile keys and volume wheel, combined with the square glass display and its soft-touch keys. You can combine control of your audio/video equipment with other remote-controlled systems such as light, curtains, windows, air-condition or security – and still be in full control while resting comfortably in your favorite armchair.