Biomass Hadashikko World’s First Biomass Shoes

Biomass_Hadashikko_R.jpgMoonStar Company, Japan have achieved an early success in keeping with worldwide initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and curb global warming-by jointly developing World’s First Biomass Shoes “Biomass Hadashikko” Indoor Shoes. The new Biomass Hadashikko (“hadashi” means barefoot in Japanese) shoes are made of biomass material (soft polylactic acid resin) instead of fossil fuels, which helps to reduce carbon emissions. The new product uses soft polylactic acid resin in the sole, while polylactic acid fiber is used in the material for the uppers. The shoes with the powerful silver ion process provide safe, hygienic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment.

The design of the last and sole, as well as the cut of the materials, allow the toes to move freely and the floor surface to be felt. The excellent lightness and flexibility give a sensation of being barefoot when the shoes are worn. The shoes are available in major department stores in Japan for approximately yen 3045 ($28). Available colors are White, pink, pale blue, white/pink and white/mint.