Blueberry Punch cut the size of tumors by a quarter in two weeks!

A mixed fruit punch could provide a devastating blow against prostate cancer. The blueberry, grape, raspberry and elderberry cordial rapidly slash the size of prostate tumors, research shows. In tests, Blueberry Punch cut the size of tumors by a quarter in two weeks. Trials are now planned to see whether a daily glass or two of the drink could treat the disease and even prevent it developing in the first place. Blueberry Punch an Australian product includes a host of other natural ingredients thought to boost health, including green tea, olive leaves, the herb tarragon and the spices turmeric and ginger. It is thought the ingredients act together to cut inflammation and block a cancer gene.

Dr Jas Singh, who conducted the research on mice at Sydney University, said: “We have undertaken efficacy studies on individual components of Blueberry Punch in the same laboratory setting and found these effective in suppressing cell growth in culture. The researchers looked at the effect of Blueberry Punch on both cancer cell cultures in the laboratory and genetically engineered mice with human prostate tumors. After only two weeks of having the syrupy solution added to their drinking water, their tumors had shrunk by 25 per cent, an American Association for Cancer Research conference heard. It may be several years before we are able to offer men clear guidance on how the drink may help them.